french connection blazer. blouse, denim jacket, shades: thrift. necklace: the market, nyc. shoes: vince camuto. skirt: aqua at bloomingdales

my business professional look. one of the perks of working in retail, is being able to dress up a simple black skirt+suit combinations. i suppose i would wear this sort of thing no matter where i worked though, true story. adore this necklace that i found at 'the market' in meatpacking, i'll have to show it to you sometime, not hidden under a collar. although i really do love the whole necklace under collar look. so nun chic.

so the other night i had time that i was willing to kill on my nails. experimented with these egyptian inspired nails (white+gold, pyramids=egyptian) i was pretty satisfied with the results =) i just used a toothpick to draw out the golden triangles and then painting straight lines of white around it wasn't too tough.

friday night was completed with a journey over to terminal 5, for likely the craziest, most raging concert i have ever been to. and i've been to A LOT.
if you:
1) haven't heard justice, please take a listen, i promise you won't be able to sit still or stop listening to them
2) already like justice but haven't seen them live-you NEED to. NEED TO. but i warn you, you will be in A LOT of pain the next day. as someone overheard me talking about my bruises, he asked "why would you pay to go somewhere and get beat up?" to which i responded: "its justice!"
3) if you aren't a raging justice fan by the end of this post, i have failed at my job :(

take a look below at some of the experience i captured with my phone:IMG_6616
happen to own the most perfect ring for the occasion
all of the sensory elements, in a nutshell:


we think we do it better than justice. just kidding. but we are pretty good.



anu said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the nails! Love the ring!

Yeliz said... Best Blogger Tips

NUN CHIC is the PERFECT word for this. Gorgeous little number that neckplate is a dream. Stunning blog dear and thank you so much for the sweet comment. SOO FOLLOWED!Xx

ambika anand said... Best Blogger Tips

@anu:thank you ma!

@yeliz: hahah of course! blogging love all around! i love the nun chic look these days :D