a gift from my great grandmother

a gift that was appreciated well after her passing. my great grandmother knitted this sweater vest for me when i was six (yes 6 years old). at the time i thought i was too cool for sweater vests, so i decided to play dress up with one of my teddy bears, and on him it remained for over a decade. a few years ago, i cleaned out my room and realized what a cute "crop top" it would make.
vintage trousers, vintage laredo boots, vintage backpack, ruehl shirt (from 8th grade, don't know if the store still exists..)

many of my friends tell me "my goodness, how many clothes do you have?!" but honestly, if anyone accumulated their belongings over a lifetime they would have a pretty impressive collection too. i have a problem of not wanting to get rid of anything. my brother tells me i'm a perfect candidate for the tlc show 'buried alive'...

on a completely unrelated note:
a few months ago my brother introduced me to what fast became my favorite song of the month. and the one after. and after. her name is Andra, and her song "fall too slow" was featured in the yellow pages ad shown below
didn't i tell you you would love her? my brother was the first person in the US to order her CDs and now she has orders in 40 states! please support this amazing artist, and check out her music here

*photos: sanaa uddin


NanyBrazilian said... Best Blogger Tips

i sometimes have the same problem but due to tight space i always have to get rid of things that i would've rather keep...*sight* I can't wait to have a walk in!

Jaclyn said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the song, but never knew who sang it!! Thanks!


leatherbags said... Best Blogger Tips

beautiful outfit/photography/song!

ambika anand said... Best Blogger Tips

same here!! then i can stop stuffing things under my bed!

ambika anand said... Best Blogger Tips

no problem jaclyn, isn't it lovely?! i hope you get a chance to check out some of her other music, she is truly talented!

ambika anand said... Best Blogger Tips

thank you! i must credit my awesome photographer sanaa for the amazing photographs =) AND brother for the song..!

Richa Gupta said... Best Blogger Tips

i have a tiny tiny short sleeve sweater my g-ma knitted for me when i was a baby and i busted it out in high school to wear as a crop top cardigan as well :)
those are the best finds.

anu said... Best Blogger Tips

You beat America's TOP MODEL hollow....You look truly amazing! You are beautiful inside out.
Sanna Amazing photography!Your photography is as amazing as your MODEL!

ambika anand said... Best Blogger Tips

@Richa Gupta
haha!! i'm glad i am not the only one who keeps things that long! :)

ambika anand said... Best Blogger Tips

i get it from my momma ;)

tanvii.com said... Best Blogger Tips

Love this look. Nicely put together :)

Oona said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful outfit! So British chic!

Following you right away!

Love from a fellow Indian blogger,

ambika anand said... Best Blogger Tips

hello oona! thank you for checking out my blog, & i'm glad you enjoy it :) so happy to see another indian fashion blogger!!

ambika anand said... Best Blogger Tips

thank you very much tanvii! :)