"aren't you cold?!"

"you know you could take those pictures in the morning.. it's going to be a lot warmer!!"
--some dude walking by during our brief shoot the other night hahaha.
it was so funny because he was not at all concerned with why we were taking photos, but only concerned about me being cold. i love ann arbor :)

so upon the suggestion of some awesome followers, i finally made a page for nickels arcade on facebook. you can 'like' it on the left side of this page, or click the link, and get all post updates (+more) in your newsfeed! =)
guess shoes, tights from target
love the pocket detail! belt is from bebe, i believe (like 6 years ago...)
vintage emporio armani blazer worn as a dress (from chi-chi & the greek), purse stolen from my mum's closet, yesstyle faux fur coat

unlike that night, last night was SO beautiful! even at 2am it was a solid 30 degrees =) i felt silly for wearing my big (not so cute) winter jacket out. right now its an unbelievable 40 degrees--AND the sun is out = heavenly bliss :D
it basically feels like summer!! well spring, i suppose.
i'm ready to put on a sundress and prance around outside

you know its time to leave michigan when you get excited for just above freezing temperatures.....

hope you all have a fun sunday! =)
*photos: pranadhi koradia


the vidster said... Best Blogger Tips

i love that your purse is from your mom's closet...i recently stole a similar purse (but in white) from my mom...who knew we all had vintage stores in our very own homes? :P

theclassyturtle said... Best Blogger Tips

you look super cute! Glad I finally found a fellow fashion blogger in A2...I thought I was a lone wolf for awhile :)


ambika anand said... Best Blogger Tips

@the vidster
hahaha definitely! my mom really regrets throwing out all her stuff now that i am always buying stuff similar to what she had!

ambika anand said... Best Blogger Tips

@theclassyturtle thank you! and yes i'm so glad you stumbled on my blog! i definitely have to check yours out :) yay for a2!!

Sanaa said... Best Blogger Tips

omg i LOVE this! youre so good with putting outfits together. this looks AMAZING!