the national @ MoMA PS1

this was about 4 hours in, and unfortunately i started recording right after mr. berninger's joke about the setlist being messed up. hahah funny guy! no words really do justice to this experience, so i don't really want to try...it was just..WOW

here is the bit from the MoMA site about the performance:
In celebration of this season’s last Sunday Sessions, MoMA PS1 presents the durational performance, A Lot of Sorrow, by Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson. For the original work Kjartansson sought out US rock band, The National, to perform their song, Sorrow, repeatedly in a six-hour live loop. By stretching a single pop song into a day-long tour de force the artist continues his explorations into the potential of repetitive performance to produce sculptural presence within sound.

Sorrow found me when I was young,
Sorrow waited, sorrow won

commences the song by The National, whose music and lyrics repeatedly conjure notions of romantic suffering and contemporary Weltschmerz—themes Kjartansson often uses in his own work employing references as wide-ranging as Ingmar Bergman, the German Romantics, and Elvis Presley. As in all of Kjartansson’s performances, the idea behind A Lot of Sorrow is devoid of irony, yet full of humor and emotion. It is another quest to find the comic in the tragic and vice versa.


spring tunes

hola amigos!
instead of sending individual emails of my favorite stuff to a select group of friends, i think i wanna just make a habit out of creating playlists of special tunes (new, old, favorites, classics, everything and anything). so here is the first of that bit! you know my commitment-phobic nature won't allow me to tell you how often such playlists will appear, but i'm thinking its gonna be more than less. enjoy and let me know what you like/don't like :)
 the tracks are as follows:

kishi bashi:it all began with a burst
alt-j: dissolve me
catch me: the jezabels
kishi bashi: intro-pathos, pathos
ugly cassanova: here's to now
bastille: get home (mauns remix)
dom: living in america
classixx: holding on (jerome LOL remix)


the xx FINALLY

a while back, my dream of 5 years to see the xx finally came to fruition--after 4 missed attempts, it was all i could have hoped for and more. they are all such a brilliant artists, who performed with heart, soul and passion, which i know everyone feels on the record--but DAMN, feeling it live was even more moving

i put together a quick compilation with some of my favorite moments from the show--including some far nearer from the one n only jamie xx (with annoying commentary from the chicks behind us) and coming back on stage with intro to start the encore--check it!


searching for sugar man

watched such an incredibly moving, and unbelievable story at the theater the other day with my pal marcus. i was first gripped by the story when i saw a clip about it on 60 minutes. the story is about a musician out of detroit named rodriguez, and his mysterious absence during the height of his popularity in a country where he had no idea his music was heard. i don't want to ruin too much of the story for yall becuase i highly recommend checking out the film, searching for sugar man, but my heart was on an emotional roller coaster throughout the film. i laughed out loud, my eyes welled up with tears, and i expressed my disapproval out loud (oops) in the middle of the theater. 

the premise of the documentary is the search for rodriguez, a musician so monumental to south africans during a particularly pivotal moment in the history of their country--the apartheid. this name, that you have likely never heard, the name i had never heard until i saw 60 minutes was bigger than the rolling stones--and was just as popular as two of the most legendary albums of all time (abbey road, and bridge over troubled waters). the most insane part is that, all of this was unbeknownst to rodriguez, who continued working in construction and odd end jobs in detroit. rumor had it, that he had committed suicide on stage during one of her concerts, and that he was resting in peace--until two south african men made it their mission to find out how he really died. the story that ensues cannot be done justice in a simple blog post, but rodriguez is NOT dead, rather he is still working as a laborer in detroit living in the same small rundown shack he has lived in for the past 40 years

i think its rare to see a human being like rodriguez, one who was truly in the business of music for art's sake, and was simply sharing his lyrics of trying times in his own life with whoever would listen and perhaps identify with. and more than that, the small glimpses, that we as the audience get, of the type of man rodriguez was and is, makes my respect for him that much greater--the humblest, calmest, and kindest soul, who expresses no sorrow for the glamorous life that was lost for him, and no greed for the money that belongs in his pocket but is sitting in someone else's. such an inspiring, touching story that really helped restore my faith in my love for music, and excited me for the city of detroit 



new year, new direction


this blog started out of a simple idea--after always getting questioned about where i found certain pieces in my wardrobe, i thought why not document it on a blog to share with everyone. over the past year i have been trying to keep up with the blog as best as i can sans my amazing photographer friend, sanaa. but this blog means too much to me to half-ass it to keep up for the sake of it,so i'm going to change the direction a bit...

instead of relying solely on outfit posts, and thus jeopardizing the consistency of this blog, i have decided to widely broaden the content here. from now on, i'm going to write about all things that are important and interesting to me--however random that may be

things are going to be changing around here, from the aesthetics to the content, and it will continue to change and grow as i do. i understand i will be losing readers and perhaps gaining a few new ones along the way,  but ultimately i see my blog as a great place to compile content that i'm passionate about, for people interested in seeing it.

hope you understand, and perhaps stick around for the journey...


the gaudiest necklace i own

DSC_1092DSC_1082 - Version 2DSC_1078
sweater: zara, skirt: f21, shoes: target, necklace: shimla, india

but love more than any. you saw this necklace earlier with a super high quality photo taken with my hipstamatic lens on my phone, and i already proclaimed my love for it, but i think you need to see/hear it again. now can you understand why i love it so much?! tibetan design is one of my favorites, and every time i visit my grandparents in shimla (small himalayan town in india--also my absolute FAVORITE spot in india) i feel so inspired by the tibetan refugees who call shimla home. i feel happy that tibetans including the dalai lama are able to call my country home, but feel so sorry that they have had to abandon their own home country. the tibetan sovereignty debate never fails to remind me how cruel this world can be. i really hope that one day (SOON) tibet can gain independence and the violations of human rights in the region will stop, with justice brought to those who are guilty...

& a very happy new year to all
hope 2012 was all you imagine it to be & more!
quite an amazing year for me :)


what's worse than a poser?

dress: h&m, shoes: zara, bag: thrift, glasses: NYC street vendor

so you know those nerds who wear fake glasses because they think glasses look dope, so they wear no prescription lenses (often bought on the street)? would you believe there is something even more poser than that? i give you--ME. i actually have a prescription, and wear contacts on a daily basis. but sometimes i like wearing glasses, but find it important to have the option to take them off in the middle of the day, and still be able to see. so here i am, wearing contacts with fake glasses on top that i bought in the street.


truth is, i have some pretty dope glasses from warby parker that i realllllly want to wear, but they unfortunately they don't fit so well :( i need to go take them into their shop in soho to get them fitted so i can be less of a poser wearing my real spectacles. but until then i'm perfectly content wearing these fake faybans around.

for those of you who aren't familiar with warby parker, please take a moment to make yourself familiar--this awesome company has brought the whole 'one for one' trend to the world of eyeglasses, similar to tom's shoes. for every pair of glasses sold, they give a pair to someone in need who cannot afford a pair on their own. so basically you get dope glasses and feel good about wearing them. you know me and how i'm a complete sucker for socially conscious start ups. this one's got my heart. 


DIY terrarium


i think greenery is the best decor any room can have. i made this terrarium because i had an empty pail sitting in my window sill, and happened to pass a store with small plants outside for only a couple dollars each. there isn't really a whole lot of explaining necessary, but in any case, here is what you need:
  • a pail/pot/box/something to hold the plants
  • some cool small plants
  • soil (usually what comes with the plant is enough)
  • pretty rocks
  • gloves if you're working with cacti!! (it took me 3 hours and A LOT of pain to get little cacti hairs out of my fingers)

fill the pail with soil, and leave some space before reaching the top. place your plants in with enough space between that they can grow without interfering with one another. cover roots with more soil. add rocks at the top to look pretty. water as much as needed. 

i'll admit that i'm not one with a green thumb, and don't know a whole lot about plants. i was a little worried about planting a cactus with other plants, but thus far it has been working just fine! i usually just water the cacti side of the terrarium less often :) my baby plants are growing so quickly & beautifully!!




mad men

dress: vintage, from chi chi & the greek, shoes: cannot remember, have had them for like 7 years, shades: vintage, purse: vintage, from mom's closet

as you can tell, i reallllllllly love vintage. and i realllllly need to start watching mad men because i think the inspiration would be overwhelming

anyway, i am actually a 'mad [wo]man right now. it seems that shopping online doesn't really work for me--or i should check reviews on websites before ordering from them. problem is, i fall in love with something as quickly as it takes me to add it to my cart. recently been very frustrated with some overseas companies, that are quite terrible when it comes to customer service :( for example, i ordered a darling pair of shorts from SheInside, only to check up on my order almost a month later to see they are 'out of stock'..the annoying part is they processed my payment the day i ordered them. currently fighting for a refund. also tried to exchange a pair of shoes as they are the wrong size with Oasap, and they are making me pay the return shipping.....to CHINA!

do you guys have luck shopping online? what sites are best, and which ones should i be avoiding? the only reason i call out names here is to warn others

sorry for that little rant! i'm actually getting over that right about now as i'm SO stoked to see FRIGHTENED RABBIT tonight!! this will be my first time seeing them live, and i absolutely cannot wait :D i'll be sure to share photos/vidoes/recaps soon from this show, as well as a few others i've recently been to including BON IVER! uhhMAYzinnng
follow me on twitter (@nickelsarcade) and instagram (@nickelsarcade) for real time updates from the show!

photos: ajay


kirk in the hills

dress: chi chi & the greek, shoes: zara

some more snapshots from my trip back home a little while back.. how STUNNING is this church? kirk in the hills makes the perfect backdrop for this awesome dress from my favorite vintage store in michigan. sitting here in NY, i'm really missing these rolling hills of green, the canopy of trees and wide open spaces that i have become accustomed to while living in michigan. while NY certainly doesn't have the same flora as the mitten, the season of fall (sans multi-colored trees) is still my favorite. spent this morning sitting in my favorite cafe, enjoying a chai latte feeling the crisp autumn breeze through the open windows. it is no longer dreadfully hot, i'm not covered in a layer of grime upon emerging above ground from the subways and everyone seems to have chilled out a bit themselves. 'tis the season! all i need right now is a bicycle. been looking for one for a few weeks now, but can't seem to find exactly what i'm looking for. perhaps its not really the time anyway, since there is only a month left of riding weather. not sure if i am bold enough for bearing the winter of NY on my own two wheels...

i once read a tweet that was something along the lines of "the best part of living in NYC is you can put your headphones on and feel like you're living in a movie" and its SO true. the soundtrack to my life right now:
seriously, i belonged in the 80's for more than just the one year i spent in that decade :/ SO ridiculously excited for their show opening for the xx next month. i have already failed to see the xx twice already, and its about time i have the chance to be graced by their musical presence, that too while sitting in a theatre from 1929 in the bronx! 


photos: sanaa uddin


pure ann arbor, pure michigan


this is what i miss most since i've been living in new york. 
a day of canoeing on the huron river, picnicking with an array of delicacies from zingermans including cherry jam (made from michigan cherries), chocolate sourdough and challah bread, and the world's best goat cheese--all with my best friend. thank the one above for hipstamatic/iphones to capture such memories, and for our canoe not tipping like last time (and my phone thus surviving) so i still have the photos to share with y'all :)



the good 'ole mitten life

knit shirt, shorts: zara, boots: all saints, shades: thrift, rings: tobi & hells kitchen flea market

hello guys n gals! i really apologize for this mad delay in blogging, but something is better than nothing, and something late is better than never, right? here are some snaps from when i went back to michigan before trottin around the globe. finally got to shoot with my favorite photographer sanaa, with whom i started this blog in college.. you can tell from all the smiles how happy i am to be back working with her :) kinda bummed the sun never came out that day, but the combat boots paired with girly shorts are my retaliation 

after laying around on some train tracks, we successfully managed a double surprise party--surprised two BFFs with each of them thinking the party was for the other one. that was my master plan :D man i miss being reunited with my best pals back in the good ole mitten!

here is a song i've really been diggin these days.. let me know what kind of music you guys like so i can recommend stuff..so that i can stop spending my WHOLE day on pinterest.. my boards are pretty dope if i may say so myself :) check it out!

photos: sanaa uddin


from one beirut to the other

dress, necklace, hat: forever 21, shoes: target

just want to take a moment to remember the victims of the attacks on 9/11/2001. such a devastating day in the history of our country, and i must say the way this city, and country, has come together in solidarity over the past 11 years makes me so proud to be an American.

discovered an amazing secret park in the UES with my friend Jenny :) stunning views are accompanied by the most magnificent garden.. living in this city has made me realize how important it is to find a place of peace and solitude (or as close to solitude as you can get)...


as mentioned, i recently returned from a trip to beirut, lebanon! i need to put together some iphone shots for a quick recap for you guys since i didn't really take many pictures there :( but lebanon aside, i recently went to rumsey playfield to see the band beirut play--this was my first time seeing them live and they sounded beautifulllllll. (my dream had always been to see them play inside the most beautiful venue in ann arbor--hill auditorium, but hey theres always next time)
the night was a perfect end to summer--the weather was lovely as was the ambience. the highlight of the show for me was when they started playing electronic stuff from their EP (march of the zapotec: holland) that i had not heard before..but now i cannot stop listening! love discovering new music while at shows :)

how did you end your summer?